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Matching leaders with world-class coaches

Good coaches deliver good results. Carefully matched, exceptional coaches deliver transformational results. Founders and CEOs need the latter.


Coaching founders and CEOs is the origin of T-minus. Prior to becoming a Founding Partner of T-minus, Ian was a serial entrepreneur. While at his previous startup, he felt that the business was scaling faster than he was, and so looked he for a coach to support him develop as a leader.

“Coaching was transformational for me, both personally and professionally. It also changed how our leadership team performed and how the business was communicating and making decisions. The impact of the coaching was so sufficiently profound that after exiting the company, I found myself on a mission to ensure other leaders and teams got the support they needed at the right time”.

Since launching, T-minus has carefully curated network of extraordinary coaches, who have been matched with more than one hundred founders and CEOs.


Mckinsey reports an 800% ROI for coaching. We can’t speak to the validity of this study, but we can confirm that T-minus has a 90% first time match-rate between coach and client, and 100% client satisfaction from coaching engagements – with testimonials available upon request!