Innovation Metrics Breakfast No.2

A lively and practical discussion around the initial findings of the T-minus ‘Crowdsourced View of Innovation Metrics’, from Innovation and Finance Directors.


Hannah Keartland, ex Innovation Director at Cancer Research UK. Hannah has 20+ years practical experience working in Innovation, and now runs an Innovation consultancy

Ian Forshew, serial entrepreneur, disruptive leadership and innovation expert, and Founder of T-minus. Ian has previously founded and successfully exited two businesses.

Event information

At our recent event Innovation Metrics – Why do they matter, and why are they so hard hard,  the consensus was it would be helpful to have a clearer framework which innovators can use.  To develop this, we are conducting a piece of research to crowdsource a view of best practice. We are connecting with Senior Innovation and Finance leaders across a range of companies and industries to discuss the topic.  

During Innovation Metrics Breakfast no.2, we’ll be sharing the initial findings of this research with you. (No individuals or organisations will be identified in any findings produced)

Key topics will include:

  • What’s worked and what hasn’t?  
  • What do metrics need to deliver?
  • What measures are being used at the moment to make decisions about individual innovation propositions and innovation portfolios as a whole?
  • Other thoughts / findings

We’ll be having discussions as a collective to build on these findings. 

The event is a chance to share and develop practical insight by exploring this important and challenging topic with an intimate group of like minded people.

Participants will be actively encouraged to go away with some actionable ideas of innovation metrics they will test in their business.

Date of Event



Pre-event – Hannah will carry out research discussions with attendees (via call or over coffee) 

8.30am – Breakfast / networking 

9.00am – Event begins, Hannah will share her research findings

9.30am – Facilitated discussion on the research finding

10.30am – Wrap up thoughts / takeaways

11.00am – Head back to work

Post Event – Attendees connected (if desired), and actionable metric ideas shared


The Office Group Scott House, Suite 1, The Concourse Waterloo Station, London SE1

How to confirm attendance

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