Innovation Metrics Breakfast

A lively and practical discussion for 8-10 Senior Innovation Leaders around how to set the right innovation metrics (by invite only)


For companies that are adopting a more startup approach to innovation, setting the right metrics is hard. How do we measure what is / isn’t working, is an initiative changing behaviour? Is that behaviour impacting business outcome? When should we kill / pivot / invest in specific projects? What does good look like at each stage of the new innovation process and how do we measure it?

Join us for a lively and practical discussion around how to set the right metrics at different stages of the innovation funnel, both at the team’s and the portfolio level, exploring some of the challenges and potential solutions we’ve collectively faced.

Co-hosted by Ian Forshew, Founder of The OMTM, Innovation Director of Cancer Research UK (Hannah Keartland) and Global Innovation Director of Unilever (Rachel Stanford), this is a chance to share and develop practical insight by exploring this important and challenging topic with some like minded people.


Pre Event – goals and challenges of attendees collected (via call or over coffee) and used to shape agenda for the breakfast

Day of Event (9th October):

  • 8.30am – Arrivals / intros & food
  • 9am – Discussions begin, co-facilitated
  • 10.00am – Wrap up thoughts / takeaways
  • 10.30am – Head back to work 🙂
  • Post Event – Summary of the Breakfast sent to all attendees. All attendees connected (if desired)

How to confirm attendance

Please RSVP quickly to reserve your place and eat Innovation Metrics for breakfast! Either purchase a free ticket through Eventbrite or email to confirm your attendance.

*For any questions around the event feel free to get in touch with:


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