Leading in a Crisis – L&D Leaders

Webinar Hosts / Facilitators

Odharnait Ansbro Partner at T-Minus. Odharnait helps leaders develop the mindset and skill set they need to lead radical innovation and transformation. She’s worked with Google and MIT Sloan School of Management to develop innovative leadership programmes and supported USAID and the Lebanese government in their Syrian crisis response. 

Ian Forshew Serial entrepreneur and Founding Partner at T-minus. Ian has previously founded and successfully exited two companies, but also had his share of crises as leader, including 2 insolvencies and relocating a 20,000 capacity music festival 300 miles with 10 days notice (this one really hurt).  

Event information

In this free 60 min virtual session, we’ll talk through unprecedented challenges leaders are facing and share what we’ve learned from our work with leaders in disruptive environments. 

We’ll identify the best ways to help your leaders skilfully respond to crisis situations and manage rapid change – now and for the future. We’ll cover how to set clear direction in the midst of chaos, build resilience and take decisive action, using our Disruptive Leadership Framework as a guide. 

You’ll get the chance to connect with other L&D leaders, share your challenges and brainstorm solutions.

We intend to have a real dialogue rather than a presentation, and collectively explore how we can overcome this crisis as an L&D community.


17th April, 10.00am 


Zoom Video Call