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Our coach-mentors have firsthand experience of the highs and lows of setting up and running a business. They have founded companies, led businesses and worked with hundreds of CEOs who’ve done just the same.

We start by understanding your context, goals, challenges, previous coaching experience and how we’ll measure success. Armed with this, we connect you with one of our world-class coach-mentors for a free chemistry session.

Our match rate is +90%. Your feedback helps us calibrate and make sure we get it right.

    It’s truly an art to find the perfect coach, yet T-minus did just that. With Andy, I had an instant connection, and we continuously develop our collaboration and style as my career and needs evolve. I’m incredibly grateful and feel the impact every single month.

    Michael Bodekaer Jensen, Founder, Labster

    Working with the T-minus created the (head)space and time I needed to reflect on both strategic business topics as well as personal wellbeing from different angles. Having access to a wealth of expertise, tools, frameworks has also been extremely useful. A great investment for myself and the company.

    Lavinia Iosub, Livit International

    Ian is a great coach. He’s helped me unpick problems, challenge my assumptions and work out where to focus my development. He listens well and has a calm non-judgemental style. He’s also given me support and encouragement to try something different.

    Hannah Keartland, Cancer Research UK

    T-minus has been hands down the best investment we have made. We’ve accelerated our development and learning by years, in a matter of months. I expect to work alongside Ian and his team for years to come.

    Alex Somervell, Founder, One Third Stories

    Working with T-minus is easy and effective. They work hard to understand the needs of The Guardian and the challenges faced by our leaders. As a result they have been able to match hand-picked, highly experienced coaches, based on individual needs.

    Vinni Judge, Head of Learning and Development, Guardian News & Media