Leadership, Disrupted.

The covid crisis has tested the mettle of every leader, everywhere, as they’ve dealt with multiple crises – the shift to remote working overnight, business models collapsing, layoffs and redundancies and, in some cases, unprecedented growth. 

We launched our own rapid response; re-designing our programmes to be entirely remote and pausing to take care of ourselves and ensure we were leading from the right place through the crisis (see ‘How to be a good CEO in a crisis?’ here). 

We listened to our clients and heard the same challenges: managing their own stress and emotions, navigating uncertainty, keeping their remote teams motivated and engaged, continuing to innovate and taking decisive action, fast. 

The covid-19 pandemic has heightened existing disruptive trends – now, more than ever, every leader needs to be a disruptive leader. They need to be skilled in questioning their own assumptions about what’s possible and rapidly creating dynamic solutions. They need to be adept at connecting with their teams and aligning them around a shared vision. They need to test and learn to find their way to the new normal. 

Our programmes and coaches help leaders navigate their challenges and thrive in the face of disruption. We’ve created new offerings and adapted our existing solutions for a Covid and beyond: 

  • Remote individual and team coaching – Helping leaders deal with personal and organisational challenges like crisis response, contingency planning, remote working strategies
  • Remote graduate, new manager & senior leadership programmes – Blended learning experiences helping leaders to better support themselves and their teams through rapid change
  • Innovation – Deploy startup best practice, develop a culture of innovation and increase business agility through remote strategy workshops, training and coaching
  • Digital masterclasses – Webinars on leadership in crisis, remote leadership and resilience

For more information on any of the above, get in touch below