What is the value of deep self-awareness for organisations?

According to Gallup’s 2022 Global Workplace Report, only 21% of people are engaged at work, and since the pandemic, we’ve seen people quitting their jobs in record numbers. So how worried should we be and what can we do about it?

Session Context:

Socrates’ famous mantra ‘to know thyself’ – is often described as the most important thing we could ever learn, perhaps even as important as the meaning of life itself. We invited Jonny and Patricia to explore:

– What is the impact we can have on individuals, teams and organisations from encouraging and facilitating greater emotional awareness? 

– What experience have we had with practical tools and activities to encourage more people to develop their emotional understanding of themselves? What are the lessons we can take away? 

– Why should we care about the levels of emotional awareness in our leaders? What have we learnt from advances in neuroscience on this?

Hosted by T-minus, Jonny Miller & Patricia Riddell

Jonny Miller is a startup founder, emotional resilience masterclass facilitator, host of the Curious Humans podcast & nervous system specialist. Having worked with leaders at slack, Google & Harvard Business School, he is passionate about helping people to develop their emotional awareness, and cultivate a sense of calm, agency, resilience, and fulfilment in the workplace. 

Patricia Riddell is a professor of Applied Neuroscience at the University of Reading & Henley Business School, PHD from the University of Oxford, she is a Chartered Psychologist, Chartered Scientist and a member of the BPS SIG in Coaching. One of her main research interests is the ways in which neuroscience can be applied in the business world, supporting and extending our understanding of human behaviour. 

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