Esi Hardy (she/her)
Founder, Owner and Managing Director
Trainer, disability inclusion expert, public speaker, podcaster and writer.
Current Clients
Bureau Veritas, Disney, Billion Dollar Boy
Esi is the Founder, Owner and Managing Director of Celebrating Disability. Celebrating Disability is a user-led organisation (ULO). The business provides tailored, tangible support for workplaces to develop their disability-inclusive culture. Esi believes that organisations of all structures and sizes have an opportunity to create inclusive cultures that enable disabled employees and customers to feel included and valued. By delivering training sessions, talks and consulting with organisations, this goal is made realistic. As part of her work to advocate and champion equality for disabled people, Esi is a keynote speaker. Speaking at conferences and away days on the subject of disability inclusion and equality in every cornerstone of life.
We Love
Esi's passion and energy is unmatched! Her ability to break down sensitive and difficult subject matters into easy to understand content is her superpower.