From problem to product, fast

We bring a rich understanding of disruptive innovation from our work at the bleeding edge of the startup world. We take this knowledge and apply it to some of the biggest global companies – transforming the way they work, unlocking disruptive ideas and future-proofing organisations.

Truly disruptive innovation needs bold leadership, amazing teamwork, and the right processes and structures to let great ideas fly. We help leaders at all levels develop the skillsets and mindsets needed to drive change, take risks, learn fast and deliver rapid results.

From problem to product, fast services

The Disruptor Tool Kit

Innovation is a skillset and a mindset. To get it right teams need to embrace a whole new way of thinking and working. Our immersive workshops blend design thinking and startup best practice with team and leadership development. That way you hit the ground running and create products that solve real problems for consumers.

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Startup Team Coaching

Innovation takes practice. We coach teams working in sprints to test and validate their ideas (or fail fast), embed new ways of working, and build the skills needed to be leaders of disruptive change.

We support teams from problem, to first prototype (MVP), all the way through to launch and scale. So you’re constantly testing, learning and benefiting from our expert guidance. We take a coaching-first approach – helping teams develop their own potential, and mentoring only when needed.

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90 Day Accelerator

Innovation is a race. To win, you need to be faster than the competition and ruthless in killing bad ideas. We’ve helped corporates go from problem to launch in 12 weeks, taking hundreds of ideas, through a structured process, so only a few disruptive winners survive.

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Venture Lab (beta)

Combining all our experience and expertise, we will co-fund and co-build breakthrough ideas with our partners. Leveraging our deep startup expertise and ecosystem of coaches, founders, makers, VC’s, engineers, designers and dreamers, we can help embed a fully formed startup team in your organisation.

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