Innovation Strategy

Developing the strategies needed to test, measure and create products that foster innovation. Helping prepare, set clear goals, measure success, and amplify and embed the change.

Innovation Strategy services

Health Check

Are you ready to innovate? Innovation is not just a new skillset and shift in mindset, it’s about the system as a whole – the best-intentioned teams are killed by a strong corporate immune system (bureaucratic red tape or leaders who don’t support them).

We examine your organisation to find out if you’re really ready for a big change. We identify the biggest blockers and help you design new approaches to drive your innovation strategy forward, instead of holding it back. These include strategic alignment, resource allocation, portfolio design, organisational design and incentives.

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Innovation must be measured, at the team and portfolio level. We help you develop the right metrics, at the different stages of the innovation process. We measure which initiative drives the behaviours you need, and which of these deliver real results. We create a framework and common language which improves stakeholder alignment, decision making and ultimately better ROI.

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Design sprints for complex problems

Innovation is not just for products. We help cross-functional teams develop user-centred solutions for complex challenges. We run strategy workshops to break the problem down, consider the options and prototype solutions. We then provide expert coaching to guide teams as they test and iterate – changing behaviours, building capability and dramatically increasing the likelihood of solving a real problem well.

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Coach Academy

Our Coach-mentor Academy upskills leaders in your organisation to support internal innovation teams. Participants gain a deeper understanding of startup best practice along with advanced coach-mentor skills, based on the EMCC framework. The course is delivered by a world-class faculty, combining coaches, leadership experts and startup practitioners.

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