Why is delivering against purpose so hard to do and what lessons can we learn from successful leaders who’ve done it?

Studies show that purposeful companies grow 3x faster, their share price outperforms the market 12x and their people are not only less likely to leave, but are happier and more satisfied in their work too. But if the benefits are so clear, why are many companies still struggling to achieve this? And what can their leaders do differently?

Session Context:

We invited a couple of our friends and partners at T-minus to explore this topic. Some of big themes that came out included: 

  • The difference between ‘having a purpose’ and creating an organisation where people feel ‘purposeful’
  • The ways you can build a purposeful organisation at scale 
  • The difference between mission and purpose and whether it matters
  • Why purpose is so important for people and organisations (and what’s driving this growing need for people to find it at work)
  • Practical examples of what you can do on the front line to build a sense of purpose to motivate individuals
Download the takeaways here, to find out more about what we explored and covered in the session

Hosted by T-minus, Gillian Drakeford & Duncan Wardley

Gillian Drakeford, Board advisor, mentor and ex-CEO IKEA UK, with 25 years International Retail experience developing leaders, connecting people to purpose and driving business growth.

Duncan Wardley, Founder, Emote Consulting, author, and speaker with over 25 years experience working with organisations on cultural and emotional transformation, applying principles of behavioural psychology to unleash the potential of great leaders.

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