Luza Naranjo (she/her)
Leadership Coach
Coaching, Facilitation, Innovation, Leadership development
Current Clients
+15 years leading change for cities, organisations, companies, and entrepreneurs in Latin America. Including the design, development and facilitation of Innovation Programs and Initiatives in connection with different multilateral institutions like the Inter-American Development Bank and countries such as the United States, Italy, France, and Spain. After an incredible time working in Business Innovation and earning a master’s degree in this field at the University of Barcelona, she discovered that her true passion is about People Innovation, which is why she is now completing a master’s degree in Human Talent Development in Chicago, US. Her motto: “To innovate in what we do; we must first innovate in who we are. Innovation starts from within, knowing yourself and your passion, so you can drive change in yourself and in your surroundings”.
We Love
LuzA's enthusiasm and ability to adapt to the ever-changing client needs. LuzA is an amazing team player and her wealth of knowledge is appreciated by all during workshops.