Where the magic really happens. Based on ACE, The T– Leadership Framework we provide ready-to-go, through to bespoke multi-day learning experiences, at scale.

These blended learning journeys combine the T– curriculum with the resources, tools, coaching and support needed to deliver transformational change in leaders at every level of the organisation.

Senior Leader

Creating leaders who will change the world

New Manager Magic

Turning first time managers into high growth leaders

Innovation Leader

Helping leaders think differently to thrive in disruption


Tailored to your needs

All of our Masterclasses give you the leadership skills and mindsets you need to thrive, in change. Simple, practical and applicable to everyone.
They can be delivered as standalone learning experiences or as part of an integrated and structured development programme.

Our Masterclasses are built around the 4 core themes of ACE, the T–Minus Leadership Framework:


To thrive in an ever-shifting context you need to develop a deep understanding of yourself and your impact on other people. Our awareness masterclasses cover the behaviours, strengths, energy, emotions and beliefs behind greater awareness.

Own Your Impact ALL DETAILS Strengths to Superpowers ALL DETAILS Harnessing Energy ALL DETAILS Building Resilience ALL DETAILS Boosting Confidence ALL DETAILS

When we align our ambitions and strengths with those of the wider collective, we can drive lasting, meaningful change. Our ambition masterclasses help define your north star and galvanise your people around the goal.

Leading in a System ALL DETAILS Sustainability Leadership ALL DETAILS Leading with Why ALL DETAILS Ambition to Action ALL DETAILS Cut through Communication ALL DETAILS

To lead in uncertainty means harnessing the wisdom of the crowd, rather than standing out from it. Our Collective Brilliance masterclasses help you create the conditions and relationships for capturing the brilliance of your teams and organisation.

Psychological Safety ALL DETAILS Leading Inclusively ALL DETAILS Building Trust ALL DETAILS Coaching Culture ALL DETAILS Leading Remotely ALL DETAILS

Leadership in an ever-shifting context requires continuous learning, balancing experimentation and execution. These masterclasses give you the expertise and mindset to design experiments, challenge conventions and navigate through change.

Experimentation (Mindset) ALL DETAILS Experiment Design ALL DETAILS Challenging Convention ALL DETAILS Delivering Through Others ALL DETAILS Executing Through Uncertainty ALL DETAILS