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Our goal is to make equity the rule,
not the exception.

The current reality

The estimated global spend on DEI initiatives is expected to reach $15.4 billion by 2026. It is predicted it will take 132 years to achieve gender equity in the workplace.

So why has progress been so slow?

Why gender initiatives fail

  • Companies don’t know where to start
  • Gender initiatives get delegated down
  • Initiatives are outdated 
  • Failure to engage men
  • No senior leadership buy in
  • Not set as a strategic objective
  • Only target women
  • No cross industry collaboration or knowledge share
  • Programmes are performative not authentic 
  • They take an individual rather than organisation approach 

A closer look at disparities

Gender equity remains an ongoing struggle as the system reveals itself to be broken to all genders. Change is needed at a system level to create more inclusive and just society for everyone, irrespective of gender.

Companies still pay women less
More men than women die by suicide
Transgender and non binary people reported harassment or discrimination at work
Only 6% of UK CEO’s are women
Father’s flexible working requests are more likely to be refused at twice the rate of mothers’
Just 4% of transgender and non-binary people feel comfortable to share their identity at work
It will take 132 years to reach full gender parity in the workplace
92% of workplace deaths occur among men
55% transgender and non-binary people felt sharing their identify would impact career progression
Change is needed for everyone, irrespective of gender

What we do

We start with the CEO

You can not delegate culture, companies that see rapid success have one thing in common the CEO is committed and is a role model for transformation. When the CEO is actively involved companies are 5 x more likely to succeed.

We include all genders

Every programme we do is designed to create unity, awareness and allyship for all genders. 

We drive measurable action

We begin with the end in mind and tie tangible business outcomes into the design of everything we do. Example of our measures include; Gender Pay Gap, Internal promotions, Employee feedback and engagement, Retention, Allyship Actions.

We have a progressive approach

Our approach ensures true inclusion and acknowledge gender issues intersect with other protected characteristics. 

We engage and inspire action from men

Companies who engage men are 90% more affective than those who do not. Each programme has curated strategies to engage and motivate action and commitment from men.

Getting started

We want to make getting started, simple, impactful and tailored to each companies objectives and wherever they are on their journey, which is why we have created four different ways to initially engage and begin the conversation.


We have three core programmes that have been tried and tested to make an immediate and lasting impact these include; All gender Women in Leadership, Executive Mentorship & Sponsorship and Allyship for Action.


Our build your own programme are perfect for companies who are interested to have an ongoing series of development around gender equity.


Our partnerships have been designed to create long-term industry and company wide change, these revolutionary partnerships allow for accelerated progress and industry sharing and C-Suite level.

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We accelerate the pace businesses can achieve gender parity for all genders by building collaborative networks, communities and solutions that drive real and measurable change.

  • “I came out of that room enlightened and more empathetic about issues relating to gender equity. Men have a huge role to play in this mission and I’m a stronger supporter than ever.”
    VP of Technology, Bank of America
  • “Hugely engaging, very creative and real potent change potential.”
    CEO, Hexo
  • “Such an awesome event. Your voice and experience is what the world needs.”
    Co-Founder, SR2
  • “Amazing, always inspired by your bold ideas and approaches to solve this truly foundational problem!”
    Head of DEI, Amazon
  • “Hands down the best gender equity discussion I’ve been part of. Tough questions, pragmatic and positive. Fiona’s delivery is just so good.”
    CHRO, Williams Racing
  • “Loved every minute. Informative, collaborative and impactful.”
    Director, Soho House