The power behind your growth

The T– Leadership Generator powers everything we do. Built on ACE, The T– Leadership Framework⁠, the Generator is constantly evolving, drawing on the collective brilliance of The Change Makers and the Leadership Community.
We take a joined up approach to building capability; programmes, diagnostic, strategic offsites and coaching, that deliver high growth, in change.
Inside the generator


Build Capability

Courses and masterclasses designed around ACE, The T– Leadership Framework that deliver transformational change in your leaders.


Identify the real issue

Cutting edge scientific, psychological tools to identify opportunities for growth in leaders and teams.


Align & Transform

Creating the space for leaders to explore the whole system and accelerate development at every level. Where to go and how to go there together, well.


Go Deeper

Personalised high growth for senior leaders and teams. Tap into our network of world class coach-mentors.

Designed around ACE

The T– Leadership Framework contains four drivers that enable leaders to thrive, in change

Shaping an Equitable Future

Introducing The Gender Equity Collective. Our programmes, partnerships and events are designed to create long-term change within a system that reveals itself to be broken to all genders.

Powered by The Change Makers

Constantly evolved by the collective brilliance of our diverse network of thinkers are practitioners

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