Rebecca Sweetman (she/her)
Executive Coach
Leadership development, Purpose, Strategy
Current Clients
Automata, Docly, Learnably, Zeelo, Smith & Sinclair, SODA and Zinc
Becca enables CEOs and Executive teams to realise their potential. Combining her experience in executive coaching, strategy at McKinsey and operational leadership in startups (Kano, MOO, Babylon Health) she is uniquely positioned to provide both high level support and get into the practical details of what it takes to succeed. Becca works mostly with impact driven companies, particularly in healthcare, as an Executive & Team Coach, Advisor or NED.
Others Say
"Working with Becca has been a really positive experience! She is smart and a fantastic sounding board for thinking through problems and helping me commit to action. New to a Head of Operations role, I was looking for a coach/mentor who could help me solve problems and drive real business impact. Through a mixture of questioning as well as sharing her expertise when there were gaps in my knowledge/experience, Becca helped me develop the confidence to share my ideas and lead org-wide initiatives for change.”  (Head of Operations, Startup)