Tash Koster-Thomas (she/her)
Facilitator and consultant
Diversity, equity and inclusion, LGBTQ+ awareness, gender equity, inclusive culture support
Current Clients
Kew Gardens, Culture Coventry, Norwich City Football Club, SkyScanner
Supported 100+ organisations across all sectors, both public and private.
Others Say
What really sets Tash apart from other trainers is her ability to recognise the expertise in the room and speak to the relevant levels of experience, so that all feel included and able to meaningfully contribute; Tash is just as inquisitive about resources or examples of good practice as the learners in the room, taking every opportunity to expand her own knowledge and making it a true learning experience for all involved. Additionally, Tash understands and recognises the value in respectful challenge to drive meaningful debate and positive outcome, all whilst maintaining a level of psychological safety which enables honest participation.