Building high performing teams in a hybrid working world



Event context

Over the past 18+ months, team dynamics have changed more than ever with remote / hybrid working becoming the norm. What has this meant for team performance? With a future that looks set on a hybrid model at least for the medium term, we as L&D and People leaders need to re-evaluate and rethink how we build and support our teams for them to become or continue to be high performing. 

Drawing on work and research Jeff carried out on teams at Facebook and the dozens of high growth scaleups he’s worked with, Jeff will lead a collaborative session where we will explore and co-create future focused solutions to developing high performing teams within the hybrid working world.  

In this interactive virtual session, we will discuss and explore: 

  • Why traditional team building models are less relevant 
  • The 7 characteristics that teams should focus on to become, and stay, a high performing team 
  • How the leader shows up is crucial, we look at what to do when it starts to go bad
  • How to execute better team coaching, including:
    • When to use internal versus external team coaching
    • How to build internal competence including train the trainer, Friday de-briefs, self serve, diagnostic and playbook.  

Event host and speaker

Jeff Turner, global thought leader in Team Coaching. As International L&D Director at Facebook, Jeff transformed the L&D function from one that was running and organising workshops to one that was working with the most senior of teams, helping them to become more impactful. The L&D team were asked to be at the top table for the most difficult situations, elevating the function from one of support to a crucial business partner.

Ian Forshew, experienced entrepreneur and business operator; as founder CEO / COO / board member, alongside Interim C-level and Growth Advisor roles for other VC funded businesses. Ian has founded and successfully exited two companies, but also been responsible for various failures, all are important learnings. His core competencies are strategy, growth and leadership. However, his passion is helping build the people and teams around him.

Ian is the founder at T– where their mission is to help leaders and teams create and disrupt industries and grow at pace. They work with the most ambitious and disruptive startups and corporates around the world.

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