How to create and scale a culture of experimentation



Event context

With ever more complexity and unpredictability in the world, knowledge of what worked yesterday won’t necessarily serve us well tomorrow.

Whether you’re working in an audit office or the R&D lab of a leading tech company, trying new things, taking risks and finding ways to learn from micro experiments (which aren’t going to risk the whole organisation) is critical to thriving in the disruptive times that we live in.

But faced with disruption and perpetual change, we have a tendency to stick to what we know. New ideas get stuck in analysis paralysis. Sometimes it feels like the corporate immune system is determined to kill anything new. Experimentation is cast off to a far flung department, perhaps in a different city, where there are different rules, processes and cultures.

We know that finding the balance between executing well (based on what worked in the past) and trying new things isn’t easy for leaders.

But what if we want to embed experimentation into our culture, as a mindset, beyond product innovation? How can we ensure this learning survives? 

We’ll be asking questions like

  • Why should we care about experimentation? Should corporations just stick to the knitting? 
  • What are the barriers that we keep coming up against (what we like to call the ‘corporate immune system’) and how have organisations overcome them? Should we work with it, defeat it, or try to exploit it?
  • How do you break away from our innate desire for planning and control towards facilitating a more adaptive, experimentation friendly environment?
  • How do you get the balance right between trying new things and taking risks (rather than sticking to what you know works)?
  • How do you create a culture of learning, even when it seems like everyone is changing roles every 12 months?

Host and our speaker

Ian Forshew, creative innovation extraordinaire with a flair for experimentation, innovation and behavioural change programmes.

Ben Foulkes, business psychologist helping leaders create organisations where people love to work and a Director at T–.

Where and when

08/06/23 | 9am-10am GMT | Zoom

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