How can leaders create a new generation of truly inclusive organisations?



Event context

Given the focus on Inclusion and Diversity in the last few years – are we making progress or are we making it too much of a priority?

We’ve been working at and hearing about the importance of this thing called ‘diversity’ for a while. Diversity programmes are everywhere. From reverse mentoring to sponsorship, target setting and leadership programmes, interventions in this space are abundant. But are they working? After decades of diversity effort, what has actually changed? 

Despite research showing that diversity leads to outperformance, only six CEOs and 12 other executive directors across the FTSE 100 come from a minority ethnic group. That’s despite more than 9.9 million ethnic minorities living in England and Wales alone.

In this conversation, we ask about what are we doing wrong? Or better yet, what should we be doing differently if we want to drive different outcomes?

We will explore the common challenges and mistakes that we see people leaders making in this space, and attempt to really get to the bottom of what we as leaders can do differently to truly create diverse and inclusive organisations. 

Host and our speaker 

Ben Foulkes, Business psychologist helping leaders create organisations where people love to work and a Director at T–.

Suzy Levy, Managing Director at The Red Plate.  She works with senior leaders across public, private, education and third sectors to solve some of the most complex social issues of our time.  As a specialist in inclusion and diversity, Suzy is widely recognised for her pragmatic and thoughtful approach to what is often emotive and messy. In addition to her client work, Suzy holds a variety of board-level roles including being a non-executive director at the UK Department for Education, and a board trustee for the Women’s Sport Trust, Foundervine and Improper.

Where and when

08/12/22 | 8.30am-10am GMT | Zoom

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