Why is delivering against purpose so hard to do and what lessons can we learn from successful leaders who’ve done it?



Event context

We get that both purpose and profit are important. Studies show that purposeful companies grow 3x faster, their share price outperforms the market 12x and their people are not only less likely to leave, but are happier and more satisfied in their work too.

But if the benefits are so clear, why are many companies still struggling to achieve this?

Although lots of start ups come to the world with laudable ambitions and noble intent, and corporate business leaders, marketing departments and sustainability officers talk loudly about being ‘purpose-led’ businesses, many companies are still stuck in business as usual (and that’s despite the social pressures from the impact of Climate Change, Black Lives Matter, #metoo, and the Covid pandemic!) . 

So what can leaders do differently? 

Join us and our two wonderful speakers as we share half a century’s experience leading and working with organisations on this challenging quest.

We will be sharing lessons and experiences in defining a clear purpose, connecting it to company strategy, and ensuring all your stakeholders, including most importantly your leaders and people at all levels feel genuinely connected to it, whilst delivering a positive financial return.

Event host and speakers

Ben Foulkes, Business psychologist helping leaders create organisations where people love to work and a Director at T–.

Gillian Drakeford, Board advisor, mentor and ex-CEO IKEA UK, with 25 years International Retail experience developing leaders, connecting people to purpose and driving business growth.

Duncan Wardley, Founder, Emote Consulting, author, and speaker with over 25 years experience working with organisations on cultural and emotional transformation, applying principles of behavioural psychology to unleash the potential of great leaders.

Where and when

10/11/22 | 8.30am-10am GMT | Zoom

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