Boosting Confidence

Overcoming the self-limiting beliefs that are holding us back

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In a nutshell

We all hold deep seated ideas about ourselves, the world and the people within it.

Formed through childhood and life experiences these narratives and core beliefs can be positive, enabling us to approach people, opportunities with trust, openness, and confidence or they can be unhelpful, at worst undermine us and everything that we would like to achieve. 

Unhelpful beliefs end up encouraging us to avoid people or situations, stay silent or remain in our comfort zones and avoid taking risks. If we believe we are incapable, or believe that we are a ‘quitter’, then we’re more likely to give up, or never try in the first place, proving ourselves right in the process.

This masterclass helps us to identify these core beliefs and narratives and do something about overcoming them – by facing into our fears and committing to action.

In this 3 hr session we will:
  • Understand what confidence is and the agency we have to change our confidence levels
  • Learn how our brains work and identify the automatic responses we have in situations where we lack confidence
  • Design and commit to experiments that will push us to get the experiences that will boost our confidence in the future
What impact can this have for our team (and/or org?)
  • Individuals gain greater clarity on the impact they can have in the organisation
  • Leaders have confidence and feel empowered to achieve the goals set
  • Greater consistency in performance


Ian Forshew (he/him)
Coach, leadership expert, facilitator, innovation guide. Lean startup expert.
Carlo Risi (he/him)
Leadership, future thinking, strategy execution, decision-making, team coach, facilitation
Nicola Skorko (she/her)
ICF accredited executive leadership coach, team coaching, creative facilitator and neuroscience expert.
Ben Foulkes (he/him)
Leadership, facilitator, innovation and strategy consulting
Phil Corke (he/him)
Purposeful Leadership, Innovation, Resilience, Agility, Experimentation, Mentoring, Executive Facilitation
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