Executing Through Uncertainty

The mindset and skills required to drive progress in uncertainty

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In a nutshell

The natural reaction to change and uncertainty is to look for what you can control. The most effective reaction, is to look for what opportunities have arisen.

Organisations can’t create change by talking about it. Or by planning, managing and controlling it. In a complex, uncertain world, change emerges from unpredictable events and in unpredictable ways.

This masterclass helps you understand how to get on the front foot with change, how to become a change activist, how to leverage networks and and maximise the opportunities rather than obsess over managing the risks.

Leading through change is about honouring our legitimate fears of the unknown, whilst turning that fear into spiritedness, and understanding that really for every loss and every setback, a new world of possibilities has probably just opened up.

In this 3 hr session we will:
  • Unpicking and navigating responses to change and uncertainty
  • Know that courageous leadership is only demonstrable in the face of fear
  • Learn to empower others see opportunities within change and uncertainty
What impact can this have for our team
  • Create real ‘change leaders’ in your organisation
  • Develop a more agile, resilient and energetic team


Ian Forshew (he/him)
Coach, leadership expert, facilitator, innovation guide. Lean startup expert.
Carlo Risi (he/him)
Leadership, future thinking, strategy execution, decision-making, team coach, facilitation
Nicola Skorko (she/her)
ICF accredited executive leadership coach, team coaching, creative facilitator and neuroscience expert.
Ben Foulkes (he/him)
Leadership, facilitator, innovation and strategy consulting
Phil Corke (he/him)
Purposeful Leadership, Innovation, Resilience, Agility, Experimentation, Mentoring, Executive Facilitation
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