Sustainability Leadership

Empowering leaders to address the environmental emergency

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In a nutshell

In the face of widespread fear and apathy, it’s easy to hide from the challenges posed by climate change, global warming and the rapid biodiversity loss facing the planet.

On the one hand these challenges are global and systemic. What can one individual do in the face of such a crisis? On the other, there are hundreds of known solutions, and the decisions we all make from what we eat to how we travel on a daily basis all have an impact.

Drawing on ‘the 100 most substantive solutions to reverse global warming’ as meticulous research by leading scientists and policymakers around the world in Project Drawdown, this masterclass enables leaders to educate themselves on what really makes a difference when it comes to the environment, and challenges leaders to set their ambition on the impact they want to make. It also equips them with the tools to take action in the face of the greatest challenge facing humanity today.

In this 3 hr session we will:
  • Explore the role of leadership in environmental emergency
  • Recognise the impact my role and decisions have on the world around me
  • Equip leaders with tools to effectively implement change with known solutions which have a meaningful impact
What impact can this have for our team (and/or org?)
  • Educating, guiding, transforming next generation leaders


Ian Forshew (he/him)
Coach, leadership expert, facilitator, innovation guide. Lean startup expert.
Carlo Risi (he/him)
Leadership, future thinking, strategy execution, decision-making, team coach, facilitation
Ben Foulkes (he/him)
Leadership, facilitator, innovation and strategy consulting
Phil Corke (he/him)
Purposeful Leadership, Innovation, Resilience, Agility, Experimentation, Mentoring, Executive Facilitation
Nicola Skorko (she/her)
ICF accredited executive leadership coach, team coaching, creative facilitator and neuroscience expert.
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