Putting purpose at the heart of strategic decision making for Bacardi Limited

Bacardi partnered with T- to help their senior leaders become purpose-led, integrating purpose into the heart of the strategy and culture of the organisation to fuel business success.


Taking purpose from a poster on the wall, to something lived in everyday decision making by leaders across an organisation with over 200 brands called for starting a bold and courageous movement of inspiring leaders.

Starting with a core ‘Mission Control Team,’ T– facilitated a 3 day event, bringing together world leading experts, insights, stimulus and immersive activity to facilitate and enable the leadership group to:

  • Collectively lift the ceiling and align around the big picture ambition of the organisation and how this linked with the 10 year strategy
  • Define and commit to ownership of the plan to unlock the energy of the wider organisation through purpose

Combining  1-2-1 discovery and coaching conversations with leaders across the organisation, a leadership team diagnostic and analysis of the organisation’s strategy & previous initiatives, we enabled Mission Control to join the dots and build the framework that combines big picture strategy (10 year and beyond strategic missions) and the ‘why’ which fuels what they do.

The Result

What comes next is where the real work starts – taking the Global Leadership Team, Board and ultimately the Family on a journey to put purpose at the heart of strategy, decision making and culture, and activating and embedding purpose within brands and global markets. 

In other words, starting an emotional transformation of the entire workforce – starting with the leaders of the key areas of Bacardi’s business. With the core Mission Control team aligned and fuelled as a courageous collective, personally invested in progress, the impact is just beginning. With a rich 160 year organisational history to draw upon, the groundwork is now being laid for the next 160 years of success.


Where next?