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Understanding who we are and how we show up

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In a nutshell

You might not be able to change what is going on around you, but you can control how you show up. Leading in perpetual change requires us to be in our best mode, ready to learn, explore, and open to new ideas. Rather than the more typical survivor mode common in many organisations. This masterclass makes you aware of your behavioural patterns and shows you how to be the best version of yourself.

In this 3 hr session we will:
  • Explore the differences between leader, manager and operator modes
  • Consider our personality and our typical responses to stressful situations
  • Identify the triggers and enablers for when we are at our best and worst modes
  • Learn how we can manage our own state to ensure we are showing up at our best and having a positive influence on others more often.
What impact can this have for our team
  • After this masterclass individuals take greater ownership and responsibility for the behaviours required to be leaders at any level in the organisation.
  • By taking responsibility for managing their own state, individuals are more effective communicators, leading to enhanced teamwork and collaboration.
  • When we increase awareness of our own state, we see a reduction in defensive behaviours resulting in improved decision making and less interpersonal conflict.


Ian Forshew (he/him)
Coach, leadership expert, facilitator, innovation guide. Lean startup expert.
Nicola Skorko (she/her)
ICF accredited executive leadership coach, team coaching, creative facilitator and neuroscience expert.
Ben Foulkes (he/him)
Leadership, facilitator, innovation and strategy consulting
Carlo Risi (he/him)
Leadership, future thinking, strategy execution, decision-making, team coach, facilitation
Phil Corke (he/him)
Purposeful Leadership, Innovation, Resilience, Agility, Experimentation, Mentoring, Executive Facilitation
Praise for this experience
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  • Taking the time to step back and actually reflect on how I show up increased my awareness of my mindset in how I approach work.
    Participant from the Unilever Innovation Leadership Programme

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