Establishing an ownership mindset and BEST leadership practices at Boots Opticians

We designed a 1-day in-person experience, rolled out to over 400 store, area and territory leaders, rapidly building capability and an ownership mindset to take charge of self, team and store performance.


In partnership with the Exec Team and Group HR, we created an experience that empowered leaders from across 100 stores to take ownership and accountability for delivery of their team and business objectives.

Impact starts with me. And the impact I have will determine the strength of the flywheel effect and value that is ultimately created through the chain of me, team, culture, customer commercial. It is the left to right ownership of that value chain, and knowing how best to impact it that is crucial.

Participants journeyed through owning their state and understanding the neuroscience of what enables and blocks us. Then considered the acute differences between managing and leading before crafting a personal ‘leadership impact statement’ in less than 40 words.

From there they created a draft ‘store vision,’ taking them back to their respective teams for stretching, building and collective ownership. Some of those vision statements hang proudly in the stores!

Teams of participants then used the innovation design principles of expansive and reductive thinking to bring the value chain to life, articulating a long list of problems to solve in each area, before ruthlessly prioritising using an ease vs. impact matrix.

Another expansive exercise ensued to generate a long list of ideas before prioritising and finally designing 2 experiments to go and run immediately.

The Result

The programme has been celebrated, incredibly well received, achieving an NPS of 77 across 400+ participants. Sunglasses on indeed!


Where next?