Building the Leadership Capability to thrive in a rapidly changing business for Ordnance Survey

We designed a learning experience for leaders to equip themselves with the mindset, skills and behaviours required to face the new challenges as their business model is radically disrupted.


With ongoing shifts to their operating structure, and with their ways of working forcibly disrupted through a new requirement for commercial consideration, Ordnance Survey was facing both internal and external pressure for change. With high tenure and low attrition, this rapid disruption required both an attitudinal and skills-based solution to enable their leaders to be stimulators, agitators and fire-starters for new ways of thinking, working and leading  in their teams and the wider organisation. 

In partnership with their L&D Team, we created an immersive online experience for the Senior Leaders designed to enable participants to both drive the change required within the business and understand how to create the conditions for change to be positively embraced within their teams.

The programme focussed on the neurology of change as well as providing practical tools to apply on the actual challenges facing the organisation.

Whilst building the capabilities required to thrive in ever changing conditions, the programme also had an inbuilt insight gathering mechanic on OS leaders’ perspective on the blockers and enablers to change within the organisation. This was used as context for the learning and also collated and shared with the Executive Team. 

The Result

The overall feedback on this ongoing programme has scored 4.83 out of 5.

The programme has now been scheduled to be delivered to both the Executive Team and the organisation’s partner business.


Where next?