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In a Nutshell

Our senior leadership journeys are specifically designed to equip senior leaders in positions of impact, authority or influence in the organisation to lead in today’s world of unprecedented change, disruption and challenge.

The T- Approach

We know leading an organisation is complex. It’s personal. It’s lonely at times. We’ve been there too.

We also know that your time is scarce. Sitting through learning that doesn’t really apply to you isn’t a good use of it.

That’s why we customise every senior leadership programme we deliver.

But that doesn’t mean we start from scratch. We take the most relevant topics from our unique ACE model and blend them into a highly impactful, immersive learning experience, equipping your leaders with the mindset, skills and capabilities they need to grow and thrive in change.

Our world-class faculty of seasoned practitioners meet your senior leaders where they are, and take them where they need to go.

The content is continually evolving, drawing on the latest thinking and insights that feed into our Leadership Generator.

Participants remain supported beyond the programme, with access to tools, resources and our community of pioneers to ensure learning leads to meaningful impact. 

Course Format

All of our customised senior leader journeys comprise a set of themes drawn from our ACE leadership model, and are run on rails by our operations team.

Typically we design the journeys for cohorts of up to 20, in instructor-led classes, alongside peer-led group coaching sessions and weekly personalised nudges to help embed learning.

As well as customising the masterclass content, we can personalise the programme in order to suit the needs of your organisation, with a mix of the following options:

  • In person experiential training (for individual or multiple modules
  • Virtual training
  • Group coaching
  • 1-2-1 coaching
  • ‘Just in time’ self-paced e-learning modules and activities
  • Inspirational keynote speakers 

We are also able to offer these programmes at scale thanks to our global network of faculty and leadership pioneers.

Example Leadership Journey

Change is always on our mind, and no doubt it's on yours too. As leaders, we embrace change to create new opportunities. We know that to thrive, we must always be evolving. But change is challenging, and part of being an empathetic leader means acknowledging that change, by definition, is difficult and scary. To lead successfully through change and challenge requires empathy, trust and the ability to make complex concepts simple to communicate. With this knowledge in mind, this curated leadership journey will give you all the skills, tools and knowledge to lead your teams and organisations through change and challenge.

Key outcomes for your senior leaders:

  • Develop a growth mindset moving from an attitude focussed on constraint to one open to opportunity
  • Build the capacity and capability for senior leaders to both lead themselves sustainably and inspire others through tough periods 
  • Build motivation and capability to build a culture that allows individuals to flourish and exploit the opportunities that change creates

Key outcomes for the organisation

  • Improve your culture through an engaged and energised workforce leaning into and embracing change
  • Increase the resilience of your organisation through developing the capacity of leaders to respond positively to change and challenging times
  • Increase agility and flexibility, through encouraging and enabling innovation and creativity as a response to change
To succeed in a global economy, many companies are building teams that are internationally diverse with expertise in local markets. Remote working has made it easier than ever for leaders to oversea global teams and to benefit from the diversity of cultures, expertise and timezones. While technology connects us, this does not mean that leaders understand or know how to navigate a diverse group of people from different cultural backgrounds. This leadership journey will ensure that leaders can truly understand, unite and motivate their global teams.

Key outcomes for your senior leaders:

  • Increase empathy and understanding of others and ability to work together and collaborate effectively
  • Develop your senior leaders ability to motivate, communicate, engage and influence globally distributed teams
  • Develop a toolkit of techniques to lead remote and hybrid teams inclusively and effectively

Key outcomes for the organisation

  • Create an inclusive organisational culture that works effectively across geographies
  • Increase the engagement and motivation of individuals and teams currently working in a remote or hybrid environment
  • Increase the agility and flexibility of the organisation, through an understanding of systems thinking and tools for navigating and influencing change
As a leader, you want to do right by your team and support them through intense work periods without it leading to burnout. Focusing on your own physical and mental health is the most impactful way to encourage others to do the same. How about sharing your stress-management techniques and rituals with your team and asking them to do the same? This leadership journey can help you prevent, recognise and even deal with a burnt out team. Note that if you’re currently experiencing personal burn out, we recommend taking some time to rest and reflect before embarking on a development journey like the one below. We can offer 1:1 expert coaches who can help you to make sustainable life changes.

Key outcomes for your senior leaders:

  • Increase the awareness and capacity of leaders to recognise and respond to issues of stress, burnout and overwork
  • Develop your senior leaders ability to recognise, tap into and unleash the intrinsic motivational drivers of themselves and their teams
  • Provide the tools and techniques for senior leaders to create a culture of trust and psychological safety that ensures long term, sustainable performance.

Key outcomes for the organisation

  • Recognise and address issues of burnout, stress or a lack of engagement and motivation in teams 
  • Create a culture of psychological safety where individuals can raise and address uncomfortable issues with senior leadership
  • Improve the long term, sustainable performance of the organisation by developing senior leaders that recognise and increase their team’s intrinsic motivation and resilience
Leadership starts with understanding yourself, and for good reason. Research suggests that when we see ourselves clearly, we are more confident and more creative. We make sounder decisions, build stronger relationships and communicate more effectively. We are also more effective leaders with more satisfied teams. But leaders must actively and regularly work on both seeing themselves clearly and getting feedback to understand how others see them. It’s an ongoing journey.

Key outcomes for your senior leaders:

  • Increase senior leaders awareness of their leadership style, strengths and blindspots and their impact on others
  • Develop leaders emotional intelligence skills, including the self-awareness of how they show up under stress, their long term sustainability and resilience, and their capacity to recognise their own intrinsic motivations
  • Develop leaders’ ability to influence others positively and create a culture where everyone can be at their best more of the time.

Key outcomes for the organisation

  • A more agile and flexible organisation as leaders make better informed and decisive decisions 
  • Increased engagement and happier employees thanks to leaders greater self awareness
  • Reduced political games tension, and conflict escalation in the organisation


Ian Forshew (he/him)
Coach, leadership expert, facilitator, innovation guide. Lean startup expert.
Carlo Risi (he/him)
Leadership, future thinking, strategy execution, decision-making, team coach, facilitation
Nicola Skorko (she/her)
ICF accredited executive leadership coach, team coaching, creative facilitator and neuroscience expert.
Ben Foulkes (he/him)
Leadership, facilitator, innovation and strategy consulting
Emma Rapoport (she/her)
Facilitation, Leadership development, Coaching
Phil Corke (he/him)
Purposeful Leadership, Innovation, Resilience, Agility, Experimentation, Mentoring, Executive Facilitation
Amanda Parker (she/her)
Coaching, Facilitation, Leadership development
Sean Miller (he/him)
Coaching, Culture change, Facilitation, Leadership development, Organisational development
Jeff Turner (he/him)
Coaching, Leadership development, performance management processes and implementation
Doug Talbot (he/him)
Culture change, Future of work, Innovation, Leadership development, Organisation Dynamics, Organisational Design, systems thinking
Mark McCoy (he/him)
Innovation, Leadership development, Organisation Dynamics, Organisational Design, systems thinking
Praise for this experience
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  • T- have been our partners in the development of our people as we have faced the challenges of scaling the BCB team, maturing our organisation from start-up to growing scale-up. I have always found the T- team to be insightful, sensitive to the different types of challenges faced by organisations at different stages of growth and the different needs of each of our key audiences, from first-time managers to ExCo. With our new and developing managers, T- ran the People Academy, which gave a truly meaningful learning experience to our loyal and hard working people that is usually hard to come by, especially in smaller organisations, and we have seen several of those managers flourish into early leaders. With our senior leaders and ExCo, the T- coaches have helped us navigate through some growing pains and help us emerge a wiser and more high performing leadership team. When looking for a partner in people performance, I value depth of expertise and high quality coaching and facilitation skills, as well as a mindset that is curious to the unique challenges of different organisations. T- have delivered this time and again, showing they can not only bring the best in class, but the ability to learn with us, which is invaluable.
    Sarah von Landsberg - Sadie
    Chief People Officer
    BCB Group
  • From start to finish it has felt much more like a collaboration than a typical client-consultant relationship, which is amazing. I am really grateful to Ian and Melanie for putting so much into the programme. I look forward to continuing the relationship. Thank you.
    Ed Templeton

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