The art of the possible. From a mindset of constraint to a mindset of opportunity at The Guardian

A face to face senior leadership development programme designed to provoke, challenge, stretch, energise and inspire change, ensuring that this global media superpower continues to surge and innovate in a changing media landscape.


The Guardian have been successful in continuing to disrupt and innovate in a highly challenging sector. T– partnered with The Guardian to ensure that leaders continue to be well placed to meet the challenges faced in a fast-changing media landscape. 

  • How best can we enable our leaders to move from constraint to opportunity, embody a growth mindset and keep pushing forward?
  • What are the capabilities required to lead well in a context of high change, growth and disruption? 
  • How do we create and motivate a true peer network where our leaders feel valued, and with their purpose deeply connected to ours?

To meet the need, T– partnered with ExCo and Group Learning, to design an approach which leveraged external experts and speakers to provoke and stimulate participants to think differently – delving into topics such as leading for something bigger and “the art of the possible;” the neuroscience of “igniting human potential” and “knowing your fight” to lead into perpetual change.
Tools such as a 360, and mechanics such as innovation design principles and group coaching ensured development was personalised, leveraged the power of the collective, and was woven into the fabric of the everyday.

What they said
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  • I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the team on creating and delivering the senior leaders programme. They have worked hard to understand the nuances of the business and are sensitive to these.
    Vinni Judge
    The Guardian New & Media
    Head of Learning & Development


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