Releasing leadership potential in the scale up fintech Checkout.com

We created a seven week programme to up-skill new leaders – driving business growth and building high-performing teams.


Checkout is a world-leading fintech, working with businesses around the world to help them optimise their payments. In the last seven years they’ve grown from a bootstrapped startup to over 2,000  operating in nineteen  offices around the world.

Checkout’s leaders face unique leadership challenges as they seek to scale the business in a fast-paced, dynamic industry, while remaining true to their culture and values. Their aim is to build a high-performing, engaged workforce, where everyone can meet their true potential. Developing leaders who can navigate these challenges is vital to their long-term success.

We worked closely with Checkout’s people team to develop a customised leadership programme – equipping their leaders with the skills to drive business growth and sustain high long-term performance.

The 7-week, 18 module programme, covered the fundamentals of great leadership, including managing productivity and wellbeing, creating high-performing teams, making data-driven decisions and communicating their vision. 

Our expert team distilled the most important insights for each topic and provided 1-2-1 coaching support to embed learning and tackle personal challenges.

The Result

Participants gained new insights into their purpose and values as leaders. They clearly defined their leadership goals, creating action plans for taking them forward. Participants reported increased confidence in managing themselves and their teams, navigating stakeholder relationships and influencing effectively.  In 2020, T– scaled and customised the programme, to meet the needs of C-level, Senior Leaders and Future Leaders within the organisation across global locations.


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