Developing a strong leadership culture at Oval

We helped financial services startup, Oval Money develop a strong leadership culture through a four-month programme, delivered remotely between London and Turin.


Oval Money is a leading-edge startup helping people find creative ways to save and invest their cash. The team is rapidly growing as the business scales globally. Oval’s first group of leaders need to rapidly up their game to drive business success.

Oval’s flat structure and agile way of working presents unique challenges for managers needing to collaborate across the company and get the best out of their teams. They need a clear understanding of the company vision to enable decision-making, while sustaining the culture and representing to the world!

In close partnership with the CEO, we created a four-month blended leadership programme, delivered remotely between London and Turin. We combined virtual group discussions with self-paced learning and real business challenges, so participants embedded their learning, practised new behaviours and got rapid feedback. We provided personalised coaching and helped individuals create their own leadership development plans.

The Result

Participants reported that they gained new insights into their strengths and weaknesses as leaders. They were better able to make strategic decisions, give feedback and coach members of their teams – building productive relationships and a healthy team culture.


Where next?