Building leadership capability at all levels at Graphcore

We’re growing from 100’s to 1,000’s in months not years! Creating the language and practice of leadership at Graphcore, a surging tech company.


Pursuing the number 1 player in the market is not easy. Especially when the customer need is not well defined. Series E, ~£3bn valuation, charging towards their next phase of growth and possible IPO. Cutting-edge AI and tech, fuelled by some of the smartest brains in the industry. Yet struggling with massive, rapid cycles of innovation and change, perpetually shifting priorities and complexity at scale. 

T– partnered with Graphcore’s CPO to design and rollout a 4-tier comprehensive, global LDP; tailored to Execs, Senior Managers, Managers and Team Leads – establishing a common language and embedding the key mindsets and skill sets that enable leaders to thrive in their context, and maintain culture at scale. A test and iterate approach was critical to get the focus and content right.

The 9-month journey starts from Graphcore’s Leadership Framework, zooming in on the behaviours that are expected at each leader level. We co-created a highly impactful set of experiences and skill builds that developed leader self awareness, and helped them to create connection and meaningful relationships with their people in times of rapid growth and change. 

With the Senior Manager and Exec audiences, we worked with them to strengthen their system thinking muscle – using a proprietary model and tool that took them deep into Graphcore’s organisation dynamics – identifying root cause problems, blockers, friction points and enablers.

The Result

Powered by T–s’ learning platform partners HowNow, the LDP includes tailormade 360 surveys, expert-led virtual workshops, provocative content for self reflection, peer to peer discussions, and team coaching sessions to build confidence and capability. Participants reported 95% satisfaction with the experience and we are now engaged with the Exec on the next phase of growth – organisation development and effectiveness.

What they said
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  • Great team, great culture, great approach and great content! Onboarding feedback so well, the flexibility of revisiting the programme / modules and helping building the content, the continuous support.
    Sophie Froment
    Chief People Officer


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