Building a culture of Coach, Achieve, Transform at OutSystems

T- partnered with OutSystems to rapidly build a culture of high challenge and high support across 100 People Managers.


Headquartered in Lisbon, OutSystems is a Unicorn and one of the most valuable tech companies to come out of Europe, valued at $9.5bn following Series E funding round in 2021. With a rapidly growing global workforce to 1,800, the opportunity for the CPO to establish brilliant approach to people development and performance, at scale is now.

T– worked with the CPO and People Development and Experience Team to develop a high impact intervention for People Managers, focusing them on growing their teams – specifically on having high quality development conversations.

30% of People Managers have been at OutSystems for less than 2 years and so the need to establish a common language and approach to team performance and development was fundamental. Other internal data sources reflected that people were seeking development opportunities for growth, frequent feedback and wanted to feel supported in their work.

T– designed and rapidly rolled out a high impact 2 module virtual experience focused on courageous conversations and coaching. Celebrated as the primary success factor for how the intervention has been received – it was designed from the neuroscience body of knowledge, and delivered in a highly experiential, ‘felt and thought’ way.

The Result

The impact of the programme has been significant and both qualitative and quantitative feedback from participants and their respective Managers and People Success Managers has been outstanding, and reflects a real buzz within OutSystems. Across 100 People Managers, the NPS is 71%.

What they said
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  • What most impressed me about T- in the Coach, Achieve, Transform program was collaboration and scientific mastery. Grounded on solid research, T- guided us through co-creation sessions using design thinking techniques. Being incredibly open to feedback, Carlo, Phil and the team incorporated how brain mechanisms work in the face of real scenarios from OutSystems and did incremental adjustments considering the debriefing from each session. As a result, the NPS of the program was 71%, with 98% of our managers reporting they will likely use what they have learned in the training program! At OutSystems, we are keeping T- as a preferred partner!
    Sofia Bue’ Alves
    Senior Director, People Development & Experience
  • We're absolutely thrilled to have found a partner like T-! They're not your typical training company that offers off-the-shelf programs. What sets them apart is their refreshing and effective learning design approach. They actually take the time to listen to key stakeholders, making sure they tackle the right issues head-on. The result was a customized training program that perfectly fit the needs and context of our people managers. T- made the content come alive with engaging concepts and interactive exercises, making the learning experience enjoyable and impactful.
    Teresa Sousa
    Senior People Development & Experience Specialist


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