How can leaders create a new generation of truly inclusive organisations?

We’ve been working at and hearing about the importance of this thing called ‘diversity’ for a while. From reverse mentoring to sponsorship, anti-bias training, to inclusive leadership programmes, interventions in this space are abundant. But are they working? After decades of diversity effort, what has actually changed?

Session Context:

We invited a couple of our friends and partners at T-minus to explore this topic. Some of big themes that came out included: 

  • Recognising the need for inclusivity
  • Seeing inclusivity as a skillset
  • Spotting systemic bias
  • Setting up an inclusion programme for success
  • Who is responsible for learning about inclusivity?
Download the takeaways here, to find out more about what we explored and covered in the session

Hosted by T-minus and Suzy Levy

Suzy Levy: Managing Director at The Red Plate, a founding member of T-minus’ leadership pioneers community and author of the upcoming book Mind the Inclusion Gap.

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