T-minus offsite: Leading in nature


Think less. Feel more.

T-minus likes to live by its values – all in, find the fun, spot the good and seek balance – even when we’re at off-sites outside of work! We think it’s important to find courage, remain curious, be creative, and to be resilient while being unapologetically yourself.

So how can you bring all parts of yourself into challenging situations?

Why it matters

Self-care is essential for long-term sustainability. When individuals realise their own full potential and can look after themselves, it is only then that talent is retained and teams will grow and last. Self-awareness is key for self-care.

We think too much and feel too little, which blocks us from creativity, joy, contentment, and ultimately, developing as a fully realised individual. We’re so much more than a floating head that makes plans!

Where to begin

Nature brings us back to our real rhythm because after all, we are nature, but we think we are not!

Adventure presents opportunities for us to willingly cross a threshold and to be responsible for our own self-care. We need to tell ourselves that “I am in my own safe and capable care”. Adventure involves playfulness, which is an under-represented need, yet it helps us let go of tension, bond collectively, and maintain robust well-being.

Leading in nature

Celebrating last year’s success, T-minus took to Dartmoor National Park for a weekend to immerse ourselves in the outdoors. We were ‘all in’ and explored how nature can help calm the mind and body; to reconnect with ourselves and others, seek balance and stimulate the senses. We found the fun around the fire pit and spotted the good when the rain and wind hit 40 knots per hour!

If one thing’s for certain, ​​it’s that in this changing world, the only constant is disruption. To be ready for it, download our Disruptive Leadership Report, a playbook for leaders of the fourth industrial revolution.

T-minus was forged in the fires of startups and some of the most successful companies in the world. But we also know that the shifts we saw yesterday are not going to be the shifts we see tomorrow.To find out more please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!


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